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2019-20 BBall Session 1 Look Who's Coming    

Monday, September 16, 2019 4:28 PM


2019/2020 SPW Basketball League Session 1 Look Who's Coming    
Divisions will be finalized by October 3rd      
please email Blake Marchant bmarchant@sportsplexwest.com if your team is listed incorrectly
last updated 10/10/19 @ 12:00pm        
1st Boys   3rd Boys Red   5th Boys Red
Avengers (Drey) DIII   Eason Heat (Loeffelholz) DII   Des Moines Gators 4th (Kooken) DI
Bulldogs (Blome) DIII   Flyers (Wiig) DI   Ignit Green (Woods) DII
Crusaders (McGargill) DI   Iowa Battlers (Phillips) DII   Iowa Battlers Black DII
DCG Fillies (Smith) DIII   JBC Gold (Pedersen) DI   Iowa Battlers White DII
DCG Mustangs (Grimm) DII   Knights (Schiltz) DII   Waukee Aces (Klehn) DII
House Team #1 (TBD) DIII   Little Ballers (Simpson) DII   Waukee Knights (Eastman) DII
House Team #2 (TBD) DIII   Waukee Hawkeyes (Hogenson) DI    
Iowa Saints (Mickelson) DI   Wolves (Jackovin) DI   5th Boys White
Iowa Storm (Lewis) DI       Bulldogs (Rude) DII
Johnston Dragons (Eisentrager) DII   3rd Boys White   Hoosiers (Grabe) DII
Legends (Moen) DII   Eagles (Kalb) DIII   House Team #1 (TBD) DIII
Team Swish (Hargens) DI   House Team #1 (TBD) DIII   Iron Hawks (Lawrence) DII
Thunder (Klein) DII   House Team #2 (TBD) DIII   Valley Vipers (McClinton) DII
Waukee Knights (Schmidt) DII   House Team #3 (TBD) DIII   Waukee Crush (Reis) DIII
Waukee Tomahawks (McDermott) DII   JBC Purple (Baade) DII   Waukee Wolves (Masters) DII
Wildcats (Flynn) DII   JBC White (Swenson) DII   Waukee Wolves (Ripperger) DIII
    Saints (Meyer) DIII   WDM Saints (Moench) DIII
2nd Boys Red   Waukee Wicked (Ridout) DIII    
ADM Tigers (Ausdemore) DI   Waukee Wizards (Teeter) DII   6th Boys
DCG Mustangs (Smothers) DII       Ignit Green (Woods) DII
DCG Mustangs (Wemhoff) DIII   4th Boys Red   Iowa Battlers Black DI
Energy (Parrott) DII   Bulls (Gosselink) DI   Iowa Battlers White DII
House Team #1 (TBD) DIII   DCG Mustangs (Smothers) DII   Iowa Flyers (McClish) DII
House Team #2 (TBD) DIII   Ignit Green (Woods) DII   Spartans (Gelhaar) DII
House Team #3 (TBD) DIII   Iowa Battlers Black DI   Outlaws (Heying) DIII
Lightning (McConnell) DIII   Iowa Battlers White DII   The Riders (Silver) (Boerner) DIII
SFA Bulls (Sullivan) DI   Mustang Basketball (Grimm) DII   Wolverines (Vize) DII
SFA Celtics (Umthun) DII   Norwalk Warriors (Eisele) DII   House Team #1 (TBD) DIII
The Wolf Pack (Krehbiel) DII   Waukee Force (Bodensteiner) DI   House Team #2 (TBD) DIII
Waukee Gators (Kooken) DIII   Waukee Rampage (Dinsmore) DII    
Waukee Warriors (Adkins) DII       7th Boys
Waukee Whalers (Huss) DI   4th Boys White   Bombers (Bailey) DII
West Des Moines Wolves (Rude) DI   Bolts (Sunderman) DII   Iowa Battlers 7th (Phillips) DII
    DCG Ballers (Jackson) DIII   Ignit Green (Woods) DI
    House Team #1 (TBD) DIII   Ignit Blue (Woods) DII
    House Team #2 (TBD) DIII   Ignit White (Woods) DIII
    Mustang Basketball Club (Ripperger) DII   7th House Team #1
    Shockers (Cunningham) DII   7th House Team #2
    Waukee Kings (Hage) DIII   Iowa Battlers 8th White
    Waukee Warriors (Carr) DII   Iowa Battlers 8th Yellow
    Waukee Wolves (Flynn) DII    
    West Des Moines Swish (Ferguson) DII    
    Wolfpack (Cuddeback) DIII    



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