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  Games on Wednesday, September 28, 2016 Print
No games scheduled. Please call for the latest information.

2016-17 Session 1 Basketball - Look Who's Coming
Friday, September 02, 2016 2:47:11 PM



2016-17 SportsPlex Basketball League Session I Look Who's Coming    
DI - Top level of play.  These teams are tournament level play and often the best in the area.  Competitive
DII - These teams are locally competitive teams with hand selected players often times from the same school.
DIII - Recreational and often have some first year players.    
Free Agents will be assembled to form House Teams and placed in the DII or DIII level of play generally speaking.
Please email pam@sportsplexwest.com to change your team name, coach's name, or Division
Divisions for Play will be finalized around October 7    
*last updated 9/27/16 @ 10:45am        
1st Boys   4th Boys   1st Girls
ADM Tigers (Orban) - DI   ADM Tigers (Madison) - DII   Splash Sisters (Smith) - DI
Cougars (Quam) - DI   Ignit Blue (Borgos) - DI   1st Girls House Team (TBD) - 1/10
DCG Mustangs (Smothers) - DII   Ignit Green (Borgos) - DI    
Des Moines Gators (Heinrich) - DI   Iowa Battlers 4th Black (TBD)   2nd Girls
Sacred Heart Crusaders (Oldfield) - DII   Iowa Battlers 4th White (TBD)   DCG Fillies 2027 (Mikkelsen) - DI
Saint Francis 1st Grade (Martin) - DII   Norwalk Warriors (Stanford) - DIII   Lightening (Verbrugge) - DIII
Saint Francis Saints (Flanagan) - DIII   Scorpions (Hayes) - DIII   Norwalk Warriors (Birmingham) - DIII
West Side Titans (Otis) - DII   Thunder (Dolan) - DIII   Sacred Heart Girls (Klein) - DIII
1st Boys House Team #1 (TBD) - 7/10   Thunderbolts (Strobel) - DIII   Stars (Drey) - DIII
1st Boys House Team #2 (TBD) - 7/10   Warthogs (Hicks) - DII   Suns (Drey) - DIII
    Waukee Bulldogs (Dobbs) - DIII   Waukee Wildcats (Hummel) - DIII
2nd Boys   Waukee Knights (Vinyard) - DII   2nd Girls House Team (TBD) - 2/10
Bulldogs (Haedt) - DII   Waukee Lightning (Johnson) - DI    
Central Iowa Shooters (Tracy) - DI   Waukee Wolves (Barriage) - DII   3rd Girls
DCG Mustangs (Jorgensen) - DII   WDM Hawks (DeGroote) - DIII   Hot Shots (Jepson) - DII
DC Thunder (Waldorf) - DIII   Wildcats 3rd (Jenkins) - DIII   Pink Pirates (Oeteker) - DII
Iowa Battlers 2nd (TBD)   4th Boys House Team (TBD) - 9/10   Waukee Spurs (Sandfort) - DI
Johnston Dragons (Pedersen) - DII       Woodward-Granger Hawks (Fleshner) - DIII
Johnston RAPTORS (Laffoon) - DIII   5th Boys   3rd Girls House Team (TBD) - 3/10
Mustang Hoops (Perrin) - DI   Iowa Battlers 5th Black (TBD)    
North Polk Comets (Scholten) - DIII   Iowa Battlers 5th White (TBD)   4th Girls
Norwalk Warriors (Mills) - DII   Iowa Battlers 5th Gray (TBD)   Iowa Battlers Girls (TBD)
Saints (Moench) - DIII   Iowa Mustangs (Kleppe) - DI   Stars (McFarland) - DI
Walnut Hills Ninjas (Masters) - DII   5th Boys House Team (TBD) - 4/10   4th Girls House Team (TBD) - 2/10
Waukee Knights (Eastman) - DII        
Waukee Lightning (Johnson) - DI   6th Boys   5th Girls
Waukee Storm (Scott) - DII   Bones Brigade Select (Shirley) - DI   5th Girls House Team (TBD) - 1/10
2nd Boys House Team #1 (TBD) - 7/10   Iowa Battlers 6th Black (TBD)    
2nd Boys House Team #2 (TBD) - 6/10   Iowa Battlers 6th White (TBD)   6th Girls
2nd Boys House Team #2 (TBD) - 6/10   6th Boys House Team (TBD) - 9/10   6th Girls House Team (TBD) - 3/10
3rd Boys   7th Boys   7th Girls
ADM Tigers (Bryte) - DI   Holy Trinity (Reding) - DII    
Bulldogs (Pistillo) - DII   Ignit (TBD) - DIII   8th Girls
Iowa Battlers 3rd (TBD)   Iowa Battlers 7th (TBD)   Ignit (Borgos)
Irish (Fitzgerald) - DII   7th Boys House Team #1 (TBD) - 7/10    
Miners (Elfers) - DII   7th Boys House Team #2 (TBD) - 6/10    
Saints (Rice) - DII        
Swarm (Gosselink) - DII   8th Boys    
The Breakers (Bliss) - DII   Iowa Battlers 8th Black (TBD)    
Waukee Heat (Eltjes) - DI   Iowa Battlers 8th White (TBD)    
WDM Wildcats (Crane) - DIII   8th Boys House Team (TBD) - 8/10    
Westside Swish (Hoppe) - DII        
West Des Moines Thunder (Adkins) - DII        
3rd Boys House Team #1 (TBD) - 7/10        
3rd Boys House Team #2 (TBD) - 7/10        
2016 SSBL Field Rentals for Practices
Wednesday, June 29, 2016 10:15:51 PM

Many teams will NOT practice very often (if at all for 2nd Season) but for those of you looking for PRACTICE TIMES, available times for practices at Holiday Park continue to be added.  There is a fee for field rentals.  Typically, times will be added about 1-2 weeks out a time (this allows for times to be held open in case of weather cancellations).   Walnut Creek will be handling the field rentals for their fields.  For more information on field rental at Holiday Park & Walnut Creek, please visit:

·      www.CBLofIowa.com - for Holiday Park

·      www.wcbiowa.com - for Walnut Creek


2016 SSBL Field Locations
Wednesday, June 29, 2016 10:13:46 PM

Games are scheduled for both Holiday Park (HP) & Walnut Creek (WC).  Please always check your schedule carefully so that your team shows up at the correct ballpark!


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