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  Games on Thursday, October 27, 2016 Print
No games scheduled. Please call for the latest information.

2016-17 BBall League Session 1 Venues
Thursday, October 13, 2016 11:11:26 PM

Venues - Sportsplex West is undergoing some major remodeling & building.  The current building at 890 SE Olson Dr is being remodeled and across the street at 895 SE Olson we are building a new 10,000sq. ft basketball/volleyball training center.  We are extremely excited to have this opportunity to improve and enhance the basketball league for years to come.  In order to make this a reality, Season 1 of our basketball league will be held exclusively at outside venues.  Games will be held at The U in Grimes and Iowa Fire in Urbandale, with the majority of games being held at The U. We have always played some games on site and some games at alternate facilities but Season 1 will be run entirely offsite.  We are hopeful to have the ability to play games at the new building (depending on completion date) as well as alternate sites for season 2.  These are some exciting times for Sportsplex West. The league itself will still provide the same outstanding organization and level of play.  We will just be playing a few more games off-site. We ask that you guys bear with us during this time. Thank you all!

  • The U in Grimes - 1350 SE Gateway Drive; Grimes, IA 50111 (behind SkyZone & next to MB2 Raceway)
  • Iowa Fire in Urbandale – 4137 120th Street; Urbandale, IA 50323 (east side of 121st St between Douglas Pkwy & Meredith Dr)
2016-17 Bball League Session 1 Important Dates
Thursday, October 13, 2016 11:10:14 PM

Coaches’ Meeting – please mark your calendars and plan to attend a coaches’ meeting on Monday, October 17 at 8pm at The U in Grimes.  The U is located at 1350 SE Gateway Drive, Grimes, 50111 (behind SkyZone and next door to MB2 Raceway.

Picture Day - Saturday, November 19 @ SportsPlex West in Waukee - 890 SE Olson Dr, 50263. TIM VORLAND PHOTOGRAPHY will be taking team & individual pictures for the basketball league. Information on how to schedule your time will be coming soon!

Coaches/Team Coordinators - please contact TIM VORLAND PHOTOGRAPHY to schedule your Sat, Nov 19 time @ 515-221-1060 


Weather Makeups & End of Season Tournament - December 10-22 - more information comming soon!



2016-17 Session 1 Basketball - Look Who's Coming
Friday, September 02, 2016 2:47:11 PM



2016-17 SportsPlex Basketball League Session I Look Who's Coming    
DI - Top level of play.  These teams are tournament level play and often the best in the area.  Competitive
DII - These teams are locally competitive teams with hand selected players often times from the same school.
DIII - Recreational and often have some first year players.    
Free Agents will be assembled to form House Teams and placed in the DII or DIII level of play generally speaking.
Please email pam@sportsplexwest.com to change your team name, coach's name, or Division
*last updated 10/13/16 @ 9:30pm        
1st Boys   3rd Boys Red   5th & 6th Boys
ADM Tigers (Orban) - DI   ADM Tigers (Bryte) - DII   Iowa Battlers 5th White (Edwards)
Cougars (Quam) - DI   Iowa Battlers 3rd (TBD) - DI   Iowa Battlers 5th Gray (Ragland)
DCG Mustangs (Smothers) - DII   Iowa Hoops (Carlson) - DI   Bones Brigade Select 6th (Shirley) - DII
Des Moines Gators (Heinrich) - DI   Irish (Fitzgerald) - DII   Iowa Battlers 5th Black (Phillips)
Sacred Heart Crusaders (Oldfield) - DII   JBC Gold (Anderson) - DII   Iowa Battlers 6th White (Edwards)
Saint Francis 1st Grade (Martin) - DII   Westside Swish (Hoppe) - DII   5th Boys HT/Lions (Loots)
Saint Francis Saints (Flanagan) - DIII       6th Boys House Team (Hufford) 
West Side Titans (Otis) - DII   3rd Boys White    
1st Boys House Team #1 (Bodensteiner)   Bulldogs (Pistillo) - DII   7th & 8th Boys
1st Boys House Team #2 (Wilson)   Miners (Elfers) - DII   Holy Trinity 7th (Reding) - DII
    Saints (Rice) - DII   Ignit 6th/7th (Cody) - DIII
2nd Boys Red   Swarm (Gosselink) - DII   Iowa Battlers 6th Black (Phillips)
Central Iowa Shooters (Tracy) - DI   The Breakers (Bliss) - DII   Iowa Battlers 7th (Brown)
Iowa Battlers 2nd (Penn) - DI   WDM Wildcats (Crane) - DIII   Johnston Wolves 7th (Siegfried) - DII/III
Iowa Elite 2nd (Terry) - DI   West Des Moines Thunder (Adkins) - DII   Thunder 7th (Pudenz) - DII
Johnston Dragons (Pedersen) - DII   3rd Boys HT#1/Iowa Ballers (Sturdivant)   Gang Green 8th (Garrett)
Norwalk Warriors (Mills) - DII   3rd Boys House Team #2 (Jimenez)   Iowa Battlers 8th Black (Moore)
Mustang Hoops (Perrin) - DI       Iowa Battlers 8th White (Brown)
Waukee Lightning (Johnson) - DI   4th Boys Red   WDM Swish 7th (Larson)
    Ignit Blue (Adam) - DII   7th Boys House Team (Mapes) 
2nd Boys White   Ignit Green (Jed) - DII   8th Boys House Team (Turnis) 
Bulldogs (Haedt) - DII   Iowa Battlers 4th Black (Moore) - DI    
DCG Mustangs (Jorgensen) - DII   Iowa Battlers 4th White (TBD) - DI   2nd Girls
Johnston RAPTORS (Laffoon) - DIII   Iowa Swish Blue (Flori) - DI   DCG Fillies 2027 (Abens) - DI
Saints (Moench) - DIII   Waukee Lightning (Johnson) - DI   Lightening (Verbrugge) - DIII
Waukee Knights (Eastman) - DII       Norwalk Warriors (Birmingham) - DIII
Waukee Storm (Scott) - DII   4th Boys White   Sacred Heart Girls (Klein) - DIII
Waukee Thunder (Heslinga) - DII   ADM Tigers (Madison) - DII   SFA Lady Suns 1st (Clendenin)
    Iowa Swish Orange (Flori) - DII   Stars (Drey) - DIII
2nd Boys Blue   Warthogs (Hicks) - DII   Suns (Drey) - DIII
DC Thunder (Waldorf) - DIII   Waukee Knights (Vinyard) - DII   Waukee Wildcats (Hummel) - DIII
North Polk Comets (Scholten) - DIII   Waukee Wolves (Barriage) - DII    
St Francis Bulls (Karpuk) - DIII   Waukee Heat 3rd (Eltjes)   3rd/4th Girls - will use 9ft hoops & no press
Walnut Hills Ninjas (Masters) - DII   WDM Hawks 3rd (DeGroote)    Hot Shots 3rd (Jepson) - DII
2nd Boys House Team #1 (Weinschenk)   Wildcats 3rd (Jenkins)   Iowa Battlers 3rd/4th Girls (Phillips)
2nd Boys House Team #2 (Capobianco)   Norwalk Warriors (Stanford) - DIII   Pink Pirates 3rd (Oeteker) - DII
2nd Boys House Team #3 (Schleusner)   Scorpions (Hayes) - DIII   Stars 4th (McFarland) 
    Thunder (Dolan) - DIII   Waukee Spurs 3rd (Sandfort) - DIII
    Thunderbolts (Strobel) - DIII   Woodward-Granger Hawks 3rd (Fleshner) - DIII
    Waukee Bulldogs (Dobbs) - DIII    
    4th Boys HT #1/The Warriors (Mumm)    
    4th Boys HT #2/Bulldogs (Rosno)    
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